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Face to face interview is the most frequently used quantitative research. It is conducted in the respondent’s house or workplace, even on the street.

Despite of the popularity of online or mobile based survey, face-to-face (in-person) interviews still remain a popular data collection method, because of its advantages,

  • It is possible to do the accurate screening. At the time of web or telephonic interview respondents may provide false information during screening questions such as gender, age, or race. Or they may enter false demographic information during online survey. Even a face to face survey is not totally error free, but still discourages those falsifications.
  • Human gestures or reactions are usually get hide in a web based survey, but for the case of face to face survey, such indications help to get the actual feedback. That is face-to-face interview is no doubt going to capture verbal and non-verbal feedbacks.
  • The interviewer is the one that has control over the interview and can keep the interviewee focused and on track to completion as it is free from technological distraction.
  • A face to face interview has chances to probe more information if there necessary.
  • It may take greater time to complete an interview but it is possible to capture complete data.

We have conducted face to face interview with physicians, executives of different companies, even customers.  We have a trained and experienced interviewer team and from our last few interviews, we found positive feedback for repots based on interview.