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Online Communities

Online Communities

A group of people brought together under a same platform to have conversation with each other or sharing views of some common interest.

In research Online Communities latest social and community tools are being utilized including forums, blogs, photo sharing, etc. which allows the participants to connect with each other and share their thoughts on the same.

The web tools are then combined with focus group capabilities including member participation, data management, incentive, database filtering and lots more.

These combination of the research communities with the tools builds an environment where participants can connect and share their feedback via online discussions and surveys.


A community can reduce the research from 3-4 weeks to 1 week facilitating companies to make a faster decision.
Rather than recruiting thousands and providing incentives, facility rental, travel costs; it’s better to tap the targeted group of participants on an ongoing basis which saves a lot of money of a client.
In this manner communities can fetch us a unique perspective of the lives of the participants, realize their needs and get hold of them in ways that are not possible through other methodologies.