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Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis

We collect and analyze key data in your market to spot specific trends. This form of analysis uses important tools like cluster and factor analysis (among others) to identify underlying behavior patterns and helps to make important decisions based on those patterns.

How does it work?

The process of spotting these trends takes years of practice using a variety of highly advanced statistical tools and software platforms. Using those advanced techniques to extract patterns of behavior from the market, financials or customer actions over the course of time, we can spot specific trends so you can take action on them immediately. Correctly identifying and taking action on a trend in your market can give you an immense advantage over the competition.

What does it serve?

Development of trend analysis includes,

Voice of the Customer (VOC): Using advanced statistical tools and surveying, we attempt to capture the exact preferences, dislikes and expectations of your customers to understand how those affect their decisions over time as part of a trend.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): Happiness (or dissatisfaction) of a customer can be a major tool in defining how a trend develops over time, both for yours and for competitor campaigns.

Behavioral Pattern: How do behaviors vary by time of the year, economic conditions, competitive behaviors, marketing strategies and more? We measure these patterns as part of a greater trend analysis.

Willingness to Pay (W2P): Using the data above and other variables defined within your industry we determine what factors make a customer willing or unwilling to pay for a product or service.