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Online Research

Online Research

Consumer insights through online research is one of the most popular methods nowadays in the market research industry. Conducting online research with hard to reach respondents is our area of expertise. We have developed a deep expertise in managing online research and have developed strong partnerships with online panel respondents. We believe that representation of a sample along with ensuring its quality is one of the critical factors in the success of a research project. We have high specialized segments like B2B, teens, IT and medical personnel. We can deliver sample in small numbers for our clients in local markets as well. We have implemented the industry best practices to build a responsive and engaged online panels.

Analytique Research has an enhanced online service to capture quality and guaranteed deliverables within short span of time. Our panel ensures to have quick turn-around with our high quality, real and engaged consumers in case of a new study.

Our exclusive relationship with our panelist results in consistent and authentic feedback which results in reaching out hard to reach respondents with a turn-around of 24 hours.

Panel Overview

Analytique Research operates on its unique proprietary panel with participants over Asia, Africa and Middle East countries. It is being managed by our experienced team members, delivering accurate and unmatched results in the industry. With our diverse management skills we have the ability to get on board exclusive profile led respondents with us. Offering reliable data timely to our client sets us aside from other market research companies. Our online research is complemented by vast experience we gathered over the years in customer service, project management and data collection.

Panel Profiling

Finding the right panelists is like getting hold of a treasure map but to have the treasure in hand needs a lot of effort just like enrolling interesting and genuine respondents in your panel. It requires extensive socio-economic demographic profiling. The data is being registered country specific to meet the market specific conditions. Then it is regularly updated from time to time since with the flow of time details of a respondent may change along with nature, moods and behavior.

Panelists first with information regarding their gender, age and location needs to be provided. Detailed information targeting their household size, marital status, ethnicity, education, income, employment are required before enrolling in the panel.

Our panelists provide us with information on the usage of home appliances, consumer technology, mobile device and so forth. We ask panelist about their behavior such as consumption, retail shopping to their personal financial status too. Our list includes also the lifestyle of our panelists lead by them in their daily life. Occupation and industry of the panelists is an important aspect taking care of different range of attributes from B2B panelists to IT. We gather information about the B2B panelists regarding the industry vertical, job title, company size and more. Nowadays IT panelists have an important role to play in surveys so we ask them about their industry vertical, job title, company size, role in the company, decision makers, decision influences. Our medical profiling includes both qualified medical professionals along with patients representing different medical conditions and ailments.