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Syndicated Report

Syndicated Report

Market research is about systematic gathering of information and analysis as according to requirements. A prospecting firm always tries to acquire knowledge about market trends, customer behavior, brand position, etc. and demands a fruitful report from a market research company.

Generally a market research company offers two types of research, Custom research and Syndicate research.

Custom research is mainly conducted for and funded by a single customer/client.

But a syndicate reports are meant for multiple companies, or conducted for particular industries.

In present time the demand for such reports is very high, not only that it costs low, they purchase the same result from different companies such that they can compare them all and initiate best marketing strategy.

Our syndicated reports have already gone popular because of the effective way to influence target audiences. Our intelligence team is always ready to explore the marketing insights. We serve like,

  • Competitor profiling & Analysis
  • Perceptual Mapping
  • Trend Analysis
  • Brand profiling
  • Forecasting
  • Database Creation / Updating
  • Content Analysis etc.