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Quality Suite

Quality Suite

A widespread validation is required to safeguard the quality of the study by validating the information about the panel members matching with various financial or social network databases.

IP address of a new panelist are being validated for its location in order to ensure that they are within the specific market region.

Online ethnographic research helps in having a better understanding about consumer behavior-attitudes, perceptions and beliefs that drives their decisions. To check against the known list of fraudulent servers at the time of recruitment.

Panelist responses will be analyzed to a unique combination of different statements as well as a benchmark question to identify over reporters who are not likely to provide credible responses.

Dishonest panelists will be blocked from entering the survey
Eliminating duplicates at the start of a survey
Making sure unique respondents are completing the study
To check that the panelist are committed and providing thoughtful feedback
Monitoring if the respondent is interested and engaged with the survey material through the use of speeding checks and satisfaction ratings