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Street Mall Intercept

Street Mall Intercept

Street or mall intercept surveys capture consumers in their natural environment while they shop and deliver a short, structured questionnaire on consumers’ preferences, perceptions, and behaviors. This is the perfect solution for offline retailers capturing the store or shopping experience.

We offer intercept surveys on streets, in shopping malls, in front of retail outlets, or in retail stores themselves. Surveys are conducted by trained interviewers who deliver a short questionnaire about consumers’ preferences, perceptions, and behavior in exchange for an incentive (gift certificates).

We conduct the following type of intercept studies:

  • Retailer preference
  • Reasons consumers purchased or didn’t purchase from a retailer
  • Product testing
  • Product comparisons

With years of experience in street 0r mall intercept survey methods and techniques, we can help you design a survey or to conduct the fieldwork for the research project that fits individual needs. Our interviewers use present generations’ gadgets to collect data using wireless network and mobile computing technologies for mobile field survey data collection and analysis. This enhances the speed of data collection and the accuracy of data.