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Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and Loyalty is a frequently used term in a marketing research company and this term encompasses how a product and services supplied by a company meet with the customer expectation. This is a key performance indicator which can be gained by following some business strategies. A satisfaction is an invisible element but could be scored in the process of rating.

A customer may be excited because of products are on offer. But it cannot be identified him as potential customer. He goes away with a positive excitement but never come back, because he is not loyal to his emotions. So satisfaction is a comparatively easy to grow. But it is much harder to earn “Loyalty”.

It is important to track “satisfactions” but “loyalty” is the premium.

Key to earn loyalty.

  • Let the customers know the interest on them and their preferences.
  • A personal relation along with vendor-customer relation is important to expect high.
  • Product differentiation with a concern on customer’s benefit in necessary.
  • It is better to think of long run. A potential regular customer can lug the business to a better future.
  • Taking regular customer’s feedback and resolutions is a good habit to grow loyalty.
  • A NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey can show your rank.

So obviously, it is not a magic, if one wants to learn loyalty, he should play loyal.