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Computer-assisted web interviewing (CAWI) is a surveying method based on internet. Here interviewer follow a script provided in a web site and the flow of the questions come a preprogrammed sequence. The questionnaire may contain video or audio clips, links, and pictures, and the answers come with options. Respondents need to opt their feedback just by clicking.

Why do use it?

  • CAWI is considered to be a cheaper way of surveying since you don’t need to use people to hold surveys unlike Computer-assisted telephone interviewing.
  • With and increasing use of internet it is easy to collect information from respondents on the go via CAWI.
  • CAWI is easy to circulate among targeted group by using social media.
  • Data collected is fairly unbiased due to minimum interference of interviewer during interview.
  • CAWI takes less time and the questions it contains are less complex.
  • It is easier to correct errors on an online questionnaire.

In present time, such web based method is so popular and well-accepted by young generation. We use to conduct this method for wide range of qualitative market research.