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Pricing Research

Pricing Research

Pricing research reflects the sensitivity of pricing in medicine word. This is not about to find out what customers like, rather what they are willing to pay and also without hampering the company’s profit. So this research reveals the acceptance range of price.

A pharmaceutical company aims to achieve higher profits but it is not like that they can set amount of price of their products. So it is required to acquire the entire picture of the market so to initiate the best strategy.

We conduct sales based survey for them, and also we interact with customers if there necessary. And it is proven our report helps a lot for a company’s betterment.

What do we serve for pricing Research?

  • Price sensitivity, that is the change in consumer’s consumption habit due to change in price of a specific brand. Because it is often seen that, if the price of a specific brand rise, consume try to get alternatives with similar compound at low price.
  • We are also familiar with conjoint analysis, which allows analyzing people’s tradeoff between brand and services with respect to price of it.

Price modeling and market model is a part of Price research which also provides the insight about demand optimality.