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Advertising Testing

Advertising Testing

This kind of research is done to test the responsiveness or the effectiveness of advertisements, for which a company spends huge amount to promote its products.

A pharmaceutical company publishes their ad into TV/Radio, Medical journals or they may promote their products by organizing a seminar with specialist of respective fields. Their targeted group is both doctors and patients. For doctors, they recruit medical representatives to make their product like pen-habit so that doctors can prescribe their products without thinking about alternatives. For general people, they make advertisement with a catchy slogan to make some brands too popular for common ailments, so that they can buy it without a physician’s consultations.

And advertisement testing is like the feedback of their efforts. That is how advertisement hits on doctor’s prescription habit or how it is successful to gain public’s faith.

This is an after sale research and a pharma company always wants to get aware on this front.

We conduct surveys by interviewing customers/physician, and on the basis of collected data we prepare reports. Our reports also give insight about the best strategy that you fit.