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Epidemiology research is a study to understand the causes and pattern of health and illness for a mass population. This is a division of research where people are allowed participate a survey and on the basis of their answer we collect the data for analysis.

From this research we can find different aspects like,

  • Number of new cases of a disease or disorder in a specific population.
  • Number of prevailing cases.
  • Several facts of medical treatment like cost of treatments, services, acceptance and adoption of new strategies in medical research etc.
  • This kind of research studies about life expectancy, preventive measures, government’s initiatives etc. for a region/country perspective.
  • Also studies about effectiveness or risk factors of medicines.
  • Patient’s profile, Doctor’s profile can be prepared by this study.

In present time, a market research company who also deals with pharmaceutical or health care market, showing its flair interest to prepare such report. Because a pharma company always transpires their need to secure a better marketing position than their competitors.