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Key Opinion Leader (KOL) is most common in pharma marketing network. According to pharma dictionary KOLs “…are physicians who influence their peers’ medical practice, but not limited to prescribing behavior.” A pharmaceutical market researcher generally prepares KOL profiling and gets ready to advocate about pharma competitors.

How do we identify them?

Identification of KOL aid benefits for the success of launching pharmaceutical brands and it is also done for variety of benefits in pharma industries. Based on regional/ national/ literature reviews, we run an unbiased survey to prepare KOL panel and on the basis of robust qualitative data we get KOL mapping. This database helps the pharmaceutical industries to have a key guidance over their competitors.

How does a pharma industry get benefit?

A pre-modified database always give benefit to those pharma companies who are ready to launch new products or ready to initiate some new strategies.

A KOL panel provides,

  • Comprehensive information about physicians and also their commercial resources.
  • It gives us the knowledge about doctor’s profiling, their experiences, etc.
  • A KOL panel is helpful to get knowledge about new researches and present prescription trend.
  • They also provide knowledge about physicians in different domains.
  • Demographic information related to pharma industry is also available to this panel.
  • Various knowledge on medical specialties can be advocated by this group.

So this is obvious that our research team always keep their database updated. We are able to share authenticate and trustable knowledge on pharma industry with the help of this KOL panel.