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Focus Group

Focus Group

Focus group discussion is a small group of consumers and specialists who meet to discuss a research topic under the guidance of a moderator. Typically one to two hours in length, a focus group discussion often includes from two to ten respondents.

How do we conduct it?

  • Respondents are selected carefully to ensure that they are broadly typical of the universe of interest to the project. If views are likely to diverge sharply between different types of respondent or if long parts of the discussion would not be relevant to all respondents.
  • Then moderator guides the focus group discussion, draw out the views of all respondents and encourage the exchange of opinions between different members of the group. Discussion is free-ranging and led for the most part by the respondents themselves rather than following a series of pre-determined questions.
  • It is performed behind one way mirror, which allows clients to view groups and video and/or audio recordings are used to record the group discussion.

What do we get?

  • It produces an interesting data like, voice of common.
  • As the respondents get the chance to participate a dynamic group discussion, so it results much more productive data than an in-depth interview.
  • It is possible to observe the expressions, gestures or attitude toward questions, so that a moderator can modify his questions.