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Usability Tests

Usability Tests

Usability testing is a technique which is used to evaluate specific product by testing it on public like, Do-it-yourself user test. Here it is observed that how an individual accomplish a task. This type of testing is generally used to test a newly launched product. This testing process also may involve eye-tracking method.

With Usability Tests, companies can tailor their virtual focus groups by age, gender, education, location, language, industry, hobbies and other criteria.

What does it make so popular? 

  • It analyses the performance of the products, that a company wish to meet and where actually it holds.
  • Satisfactory reviews.
  • Loopholes in promotional efforts.
  • Customer’s suggestions and scope for improvements, etc.

As this service is intense with immediate feedback options, so a company who always pays attention for even a single customer’s review, and try to resolve if there any shortfalls, for him this usability test plays a vital role.