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Intellectual Property Writing

Intellectual Property Writing

Every business or inventor need to manage, protect, and drive the value of IP. Whether developing a new product or any pharmaceutical drug, it is needed to be sure about IP assets and opportunity for innovation, what makes a given product unique, legally. We offer comprehensive services to help in this research phase.

Patent searching

Before pursuing an expensive, multi-year development process or starting the filing process for your own patent, it must be determined first the viability of such a patent. Our patent searching services will perform through searches to determine the patent ability of your development, using a complete chemical structure search to check for similar structures patented for specific use.

Using a number of specific search criteria, including validity search, infringement search and clearance search, we can provide in-depth data regarding your potential patent, helping to determine whether the new development is sufficiently unique to withstand future scrutiny.

Patent Analysis

Realization of intellectual property seeks deep understanding and awareness of legal provisions, opportunities to secure them. Our business and R&D team regularly keep them updated about legal changes/initiations and protect, manage all forms of intellectual property in your hands. Our contribution includes,

  • Analysis of the technology of a given patent as well as the landscape.
  • Information about both legal and structural framework on patentability, commercializing opportunities, supporting patent/non-patent documents for prosecution/defense etc.
  • In-depth analysis of licensing support services.
  • We provide the knowledge about Intellectual Asset Management and patent drafting services.
  • Information about patent provisions in the field of medical devices, appliances and instrumentation etc.
  • Patent related information about new launched medical brands and its legal provisions to protect them.

Interestingly this segment of our analysis has been developed by increasing awareness regarding IP and willingness of our clients to be updated in this issue.