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Database Creation

Database Creation

In business, nothing is more important than having relevant and properly collated data at ready whenever you might need it. Creation of practical, easy–to–use databases is incredibly important and in an age of cloud storage creation sources that are more plentiful than ever and generally public, there are many more options than there were even just a few years ago.

Types of our database

We specialize in generating new databases from a wide variety of potential data sources. This includes not only primary sources as well as secondary sources like,

LinkedIn: The world’s largest database of business information and contacts allows us to quickly analyze data about your competitors, customers, and potential customers using LinkedIn’s advanced API services. We can create a database containing information related to who has worked for what companies, specific credentials and more.

Facebook: Facebook has closed to 1 billion members and in that dataset there is a huge volume of information that we can effectively gather and collate to match your business’s research needs. From advertising research to demographic analysis, we can create a database using the newest data on Facebook on a recurring basis.

Twitter: While twitter offers minimal data about its users, it presents a massive collection of user–generated content that can be collected, collated and placed in a database for later use.

Web Data: We gather data from open sources on the web, including press release databases, search engines, competitor websites, customer data resources and more. The web is a massive source of viable consumer data that we can tap to build powerful databases for your company.