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Business Market Research

Business Market Research

Over the past several decades, more and more companies have depended on business market research to provide them with the information they need to make crucial business decisions. Technology allows companies to use a scientific approach to meet customer needs. With qualitative and quantitative research, companies can use empirical strategies for establishing the 4 P’s of Marketing:

Product: How to develop the perfect product or service to meet the needs of the largest possible consumer base.
Price: How to price the products and service to adequately meet demand while generating the most revenue.
Place: How to distribute the products or services online or offline in order to obtain the widest reach and attract the most customers.
Promotion: How and where to promote the business using traditional and non-traditional marketing tools and advertising techniques.


The Need for Business Market Research
Companies need to do whatever it takes to truly understand the dynamics of the current market, and the only way to successfully do that is by collecting qualitative and quantitative data.

Few companies employ enough skilled workers that understand how to collect and analyze market data, and those that do understand the considerable cost and expertise necessary to generate the values the company needs to put itself ahead. That’s where we come in.


Our Business Market Research Services

We employ a huge staff of research professionals that are ready to collect and analyze data for your company.


Consumer Market Business Research: Your company needs to understand what the consumer needs, their buying behaviors, their decision making process, customer profile, and so on.


Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research: Qualitative research deals with ideas, conducting interviews and panels and understanding the thoughts of the consumer. Quantitative research deals with numbers, empirically analyzing data to understand the market.


Methodological Approaches: Every type of research technique has a specific type of approach that your company needs to use to correctly analyze data and generate real conclusions.


PESTEL Analysis: PESTEL analyzes the macroeconomic factors of research to determine what factors are in your company’s favor.


SWOT Analysis: SWOT is a strategy for planning investments. It looks at new markets and determines areas to exploit.


Competitor Intelligence: Research into your competition is the best way to recognize possible market points and create a product and platform that will attract new consumers.

Our company understands all of this and more. We know exactly what it takes to give your company everything it needs to set itself ahead in the market. We use all available tools, including SPSS, SAS, R, and MS Excel, as well as every recognized method of analysis including Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Crosstab, Co–relations, Logistic Regression, F–Test, T–test, ANOVA, MANOVA, Time Series Analysis, Frequency Analysis, Conjoint Analysis, Discernment Analysis, & Chi–square.