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Brand Research

Brand Research

Brand research allows companies to understand better exactly what their competitors are already offering and in which manner a company can present unique products or services adding enough value to a similar service to stand out from the rest. It is a vital step in the development of any new product or service.

Why do we do it?

  • It allows to understand the target audience and develop a position that is advantageous to a company and their customers.
  • It allows to cater the marketing strategies to the projected response a company will receive.
  • To understand a brand’s strength and weaknesses from customers perspective.
  • To know which benefits are believable for a company’s brand, i.e. which benefits are the most important for customers and which of those benefits would able to gain customer’s satisfaction and loyalty.
  • To know how the customer perceive a brand vis-à-vis over competitive brands.

What do we serve?

As a trusted agency for many customers around the globe, Analytique Research offers a full range of services designed to provide valuable data about competitors, the current economic climate of the products and services, and the perception of a company and their products before they are brought into market.

Some factors we investigate about,

  • To get knowledge about supply and demand situation, we serve market information of all aspects related brand research.
  • Our demographic research helps to get an understanding on population, geography and gender related issues for brand preference.
  • We provide the market trends and forecast a company’s brand prosperity issues.
  • Also we do SWOT analysis for market effectiveness.
  • And some other methods for brand research like,
    • Risk analysis
    • Customer Analysis
    • Product Research
    • Advertising research
    • Competitors Research